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As the local leading service provider for window treatments, our Pensacola shutter company wants to be able to provide customers with the information that they need. This is part of building a strong working relationship and an essential key to helping you make the right decision about your window treatments. Here are a few of the most common FAQs we get about our shutters, window blinds, draperies, and more.

The truth of the matter is that is completely up to you, your taste, and your lifestyle. Our job is to be able to provide you with the data you need about each, show you the options you have, and work within the confines of your budget. It is important to take things into consideration such as durability, maintenance requirements, and whether you need child-friendly options, as well as how they look. Take advantage of our free in-home estimate and let us bring our mobile showroom to you.

Some homeowners feel only the real thing will do and want wood, regardless of the fact that it will cost slightly more and require a little more cleaning care and TLC. The look of real, natural wood is hard to beat and this investment does help by increasing the property value of your home. On the other hand, polycore shutters are a great option for anyone who wants the look for wood without the price tag and care requirements. They are also a little more durable which makes them ideal for active households.

The bottom line is that our shutter company in Pensacola is all about service. When you opt for other avenues to get your window treatments, the local hardware store for example, you are not getting the professional treatment you need. Other service providers use cut-downs, products brought in mass quantity to big box stores. You not only lose the quality of customized window coverings, you have to do the work yourself such as measuring and installation. Let us do the most important part of the job and for free! Take advantage of our free measuring and installation while getting better quality products.

To find out more call us today for your free in-home estimate and let us bring the mobile showroom to you.

Blind Cleaning

We never recommend dry cleaning any window treatments because of the use of harsh chemicals,
which can damage the window treatments and void their warranties

Having new window treatments installed in your home can make the entire space feel brand new. Installing new window blinds or shutters is one of the easiest ways to make a room—or even your entire home—feel newly renovated. But your blinds, shutters, or shades can quickly become dirty, and it’s not always easy to get them clean. This is when you will need to know about Blind Cleaning.

Some materials are easier to clean (and to keep clean) than others, and that’s something you should take into consideration when you’re deciding on new window coverings. But with a knowledge of the right methods, you can clean any type of blinds or shades and keep them clean without the risk of causing them any damage. When you purchase blinds from Builder Blinds of NW Florida, our Pensacola blinds and shutters experts will ensure that you know how to properly care for them once they’re installed.

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds can easily be cleaned with nothing more than a feather duster, or a suction brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. If there is any build-up,  gently clean with a soft cloth moistened by a mild over-the-counter cleaner. If there is significant grime, aluminum blinds can be dipped into a bath tub with mild detergent.

Honeycomb & Pleated Shades

These can be cleaned with a feather duster or a suction brush attachment. Spills can be spot-cleaned with a damp soft cloth. More difficult stains may require a soak in water with a mild soap. Do not submerge these shades in water. Never use harsh chemicals to clean honeycomb or pleated shades.

Vertical Blinds

Fabric and PVC vertical blinds can be cleaned with a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. PVC vertical blinds can be cleaned using an electrostatic wipe, and they may be gently cleaned with a soft cloth or a mild over-the-counter blind cleaner or mild detergent.

Sheer Shades

These can be cleaned with a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment at the lowest setting. Spots or stains can be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth or mild cleaner. Any chemical cleaners can discolor the material. Do not use an electrostatic wipe on sheer shades.

Roman Shades

Roman shades can be cleaned with any the methods that have been listed above. Remember… It is very important that you do not clean these shades with any harsh chemicals at all.

Roller Shades & Sliding Panel Tracks

These can be cleaned with a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Solar screen fabrics can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild cleaner. Never use any harsh chemicals.

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