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Plantation Shutters on the Emerald Coast

We'll help you know more about each product, so you can make the right choice!

All Shutters Builder Blinds offers comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

When you realize that you are in need of a professional to work with for your shutters in Pensacola or anywhere around the Emerald Coast, you want to be sure that you get the best there is. This is why so many local home and business owners make the wise choice to work with our experts here at Builder Blinds of NW Florida. We take great pride in the work we do and this is evident in the work we carry out for every client.

Plantation Shutters are one of the most popular window coverings along the coast. They have many options which include, but not limited to:

Materials they are constructed from: Wood (multiple types), Poly-Wood (solid PVC type vinyl), Composite Wood (Engineered Wood), and Hollow Vinyl.

Design Options: different size louvers, custom size panels, and various framing options. Wood Shutters can be custom painted to match almost any existing color. Also, shutters can be made to cover an arched window – curved at the top / and many other shapes.

Builder Blinds works with a number of different manufacturers to provide you with the absolute best shutter for your needs. We provide shutters manufactured in the US, Mexico, and Asia. Please Note: manufacturing time ranges from 4-6 weeks for US / Mexico to 10-12 weeks for Asia made.

One of the biggest issues that we notice with our customers is that they do not know which type of window covering they want. It starts with making sure that you understand the options that you have available to you. Yet too many so-called specialists neglect to offer this important level of customer care.

For starters, there are plenty of reasons that shutters are an ideal choice for window treatments. The most obvious and notable one is that these are attractive choices. They also are known for being a cost-effective and versatile alternative to several other options that you have available.

Shutter Benefits

While we can certainly tell you more in person, here are some of the key benefits.

  • Shutters can generally be installed on either the interior or the exterior of the home.
  • It’s an ideal window treatment option for anyone who wants maximum light control.
  • They make an ideal addition to any home. Check out our wide variety of looks and colors available.

Pensacola Shutter Installation Specialists

You should never have to choose between beauty, performance, and affordability,
especially when we can offer all three.

It is important to work with a shutter company that knows the industry, the product, and the target market. Yet, it is also crucial to work with a professional with who you feel good about doing business. We are proud to say that with over 17 years of expertise in the business, 5 of that right here in Pensacola, we continue to hear about how great we are to work with when it comes to window treatments and services like shutter installation for local businesses and homeowners.

As a veteran owned shutter company that relocated here in 2011, we feel it is an honor to serve our residential and commercial clients. We treat you the way that we would want to be treated, which is with dignity and respect. Our focus is on helping clients get superior quality shutters at a cost-effective rate.

We are proud to call this part of North West Florida home and honored to be able to work with you. From classic wood plantation shutters to more budget friendly polycore shutters, we’ve got the best selection of window coverings in Pensacola. Give us a call today to find out more about what we can do for you.


Wood Shutters

For unsurpassed elegance and natural beauty, 100% North American hardwood Graber Traditions Wood Shutters are a premium window treatment. Hand-crafted in a range of custom styles, they are an investment in quality that will add warmth and value to your home.


One World is the planets 2nd largest manufacturer of Plantation Shutters. Sourcing hardwoods from self-sustaining forests, drying them for multiple climates and offering incredible options for the consumer (Mortis and Tennon joints/Proprietay coatings and Stains/Engineered Stiles).



One World Poly Panels using the same wood frames (to match) allows an incredible durable panel with the same look and footprint of a wood shutter. One World also uses a unique louver allowing larger panels than most polywood manufacturers. All shapes are available.


Graber Traditions Composite Shutters let you experience the essence of real wood in rooms that require a durable or cost-effective solution. Engineered to withstand high humidity, Graber Composite Shutters coordinate with Graber Composite Blinds and are ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other high-humidity rooms.



ShutterSmart is a unique Plantation Shutter made with an Engineered Hardwood core with a proprietary polywood cladding. Offering you the durability of poly and the strength and lower weight of a wood shutter. No metal staples and a Titanium Dioxide coating protecting the shutter from fading and mold for years.


Norman® Shutters at the BEST PRICE in Pensacola

Find the best deals for Norman® shutters at Builder Blinds of NW Florida, your Pensacola shutter company.

We are a direct dealer of quality shutters from Norman® Window Fashions. As a homeowner or business owner who is concerned with value, beauty, and quality, Norman® shutters offer everything you are looking for. Norman® shutters are made with quality construction. Each shutter is handcrafted with the finest materials just for you. The mortise and tenon joints are designed to be durable and strong.

The wood is manufactured with quarter-sawn wood for strength and an exceptional drying technique that mimics conditions in the environment where installed. Shrinking and swelling after installation in minimized with this trademarked drying technique.

There is a reinforced engineered stile for strength and durability. The stile is the support system for the shutter. Layers of wood are bonded together in a special process to add strength to the core of the stile.

Norman® shutters are coated with a patented polypropylene finish. The finish is superior to traditional paint and makes the surface resistant to cracking and chipping. It also makes them easier to clean and maintain. Builder Blinds of NW Florida offers several Norman® shutter styles for your Pensacola area home. Give us a call and tell us your favorites. We’ll bring samples to you and help you find just what you’re looking for.

Norman Normandy® Shutters

If you are looking for beautiful shutters for your Pensacola home or office, Normandy® Shutters are a top choice. Norman® Window Fashions makes quality shutters for our Pensacola climate. Builder Blinds of NW Florida offers these quality made shutters at great prices in Pensacola.

Norman Woodlore® Shutters

This is one of the finest engineered wood shutters you can find. Norman Woodlore® Shutters offer an exceptional appearance with a low impact on the environment. The wood fiber comes from quick-growing tree species and is bonded together in a non-toxic polymer under high heat and pressure.

Norman Normandy® Shutters

If you’ve been looking at shutters for your Pensacola home or office, consider Woodbury® Shutters. They could be just what you are looking for. They are a very well-constructed waterproof shutter from a world-renowned manufacturer, Norman Window Fashions.

Norman Woodlore® Shutters

If you are looking for real hardwood shutters, the Sussex® Shutters should be at the top of your consideration list. They are constructed old world style to enhance the beauty of the wood grain. The shutter stiles are reinforced for added strength and durability.

Custom Draperies created
by an EXPERT Seamstress in Navarre, FL

Make a Statement with Beautiful Draperies

Builder Blinds of NW Florida offers a full line of Drapery, Sheers, Top Treatments, and Roman Shades. We can also assist you with other fabric-related items such as custom bedding, pillows, and other items. We work closely with workrooms in the area, a national workroom in Illinois – Horizons Window Fashions and offer installation services if you decide to purchase product online.

Horizons Window Fashions is a national workroom offering wonderfully constructed products from a generous fabric selection. With numerous options and styles. We also offer design consultations and connect you with local workrooms to have your dreams created.

Gathered Sheers

A small rod at the top and bottom of your door
or sidelight glass allows us to add a sheer
for style and privacy.

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