Plantation Shutters

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Plantation Shutters are one of the most popular window coverings along the coast. An extremely attractive choice, Plantation Shutters, are also known for being a cost-effective and versatile alternative to several other options that you have available.


Questions? Our Design Team has answers...

One of the biggest issues that we notice with our customers is that they do not know which type of window covering they want.

It starts with making sure that you understand the options that you have available to you. Too many so-called specialists neglect to offer this important level of customer care. Let’s create your dream home together! Our team of  is dedicated to guiding you through the process to ensure your total satisfaction.

Wood Shutters

additional services

Blinds-in-Glass, Glass Replacement, and Decorative Design Films

As a Veteran owned business, we certainly appreciate being a part of the community here in Blue Angel country. Even though the ownership is Army, we appreciate our Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marine brother and sisters. Please make sure to let us know that you are DoD, prior military or after duty status. We appreciate your service. We look forward to working with you and taking care of your service needs.

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