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Woven wood shades in Pensacola

There are a lot of words that can be used to describe woven wood shades in Pensacola and other areas along our beautiful Gulf Coast. Words like airy, whimsical and earthy get thrown around a lot. They just work beautifully with interior designs in the area. Here at Builder Blinds of NW Florida we just love the way they look with a nice sandy backdrop on the exterior side of that window. But truth be told, no matter what is on the other side of that window, these window shades will pair perfectly and look positively stunning.

It always helps and makes sense to work with a team of professionals who have the knowledge and experience needed to take on this type of job. We are able to help each client we work with understand the options that they have available to them and narrow down choices from there. It depends on what type of look you are trying to create, but also other factors like your budget come into play.

The thing with woven wood is that this can mean a wide variety of things. These shades can be made from a variety of material such as bamboo all the way to things like reeds, grasses, jute and hemp. While they often just come in earth tones, you can get a variety of colors such as reds and blues.

Why woven wood shades?

What it is that some people love about choosing this type of window covering for their home?

  • One

    These shades are a great way to continue to let natural light filter through even while the shades are closed. The type of wood and the tightness of the weave will determine how much diffused light can still get through. However, you can still usually retain a fair amount of privacy with these blinds too.

  • Two

    These blinds are light and airy. This means they do not put any strain on the frames. They also add a soft element to any interior design aesthetics.

  • Three

    They go with just about any look. They can help a sophisticated room feel a little more grounded or can help to dress up an otherwise casual room.

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Trying to decide how you want to cover your windows is one of those things that can begin to feel overwhelming. You have already given so much thought to every other detail of your home, what can you possibly do to make this process easier? By working with our team of Pensacola window coverings experts who can help you make sense of it all, for starters.

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